The wonderful Staff of the TeamGTR wikia.

GirlyEmma96 - Founder and Administrator- 'I founded the wonderful GTR wikia, I make edits and maintain proper order to the wikia'

GeCeTynkaReuce - Administrator and Graphics Desginer- 'I'm responsible for the wonderful GTR fanart used for the wikias theme. Need help making a fanart feel free to message me'

Sunshinexo - Administator and Cheif Editor- 'I'm responsible for making big edits, and adding to our great GTR pages.'

Arielarouramermaid- Chat Moderator - It's my job to make sure everybody on chat gets along and no one is put down or left out. I keep the GTR family togther.

We are currently accepting new applicants for staff members. Anyone is welcome to apply we are accepting requests in all forms of staff, please send one of the wonderful administrors a message with your strengths, weekness, what you would like to do, and why we should pick you and we will get back to you as soon as possible