Hot Mess It Up



Written by

John D. Beck & Ron Hart

Directed by

Eric Dean Seaton

Original airdate

March 20 2011

International airdate:

April 22, 2011 (Canada)
June 7, 2011 (Netherlands / Flanders)
June 11, 2011 (Poland)
June 25, 2011 (Czech Republic)
June 25, 2011 (Romania)
June 25, 2011 (Hungary)
June 29, 2011 (Germany)
July 26, 2011 (Latin America)
July 29, 2011 (Italy)
August 30, 2011 (Brazil)
September 2, 2011 (Catalonia)
September 2, 2011 (Spain)
September 17, 2011 (Israel)

Hot Mess It Up is the 14th episode in Season 1 in the Shake It Up series, and the 14th altogether. It is the first episode to have GeCe moments.

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